Flight Club at 812 Broadway

As retro sneakers returned to the marketplace, the demand for authentic and vintage items escalated. In 1999, the most trusted source for sneaker seekers to satisfy that demand was  

Through its first six years, Vintage Kicks established a well-noted reputation for curating the finest selection of hard-to-find sneakers, supplied by an international network of trusted consignors. The goal was to make each pair available to sneaker enthusiasts from around the world, making those coveted pieces a little more accessible.
By 2005, Vintage Kicks' position of prominence among sneaker buyers and sellers, and an ever-growing inventory, inspired the brand to evolve and chart a new course for its future. That next step was Flight Club. Established to better represent its efforts in making rare and authentic sneakers available, Flight Club was created to offer a physical retail location for both customers and consignors. 
The first store opened its doors in April 2005 at 254 Greene Street in New York, immediately expanding Flight Club's consigning and selling operations. The brand explored locations throughout SoHo and the Financial District -- and briefly popped up in Japan -- before adding a California shop at 503 N Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles and settling in at 812 Broadway in New York.

The do-it-yourself nature of the Internet, from building your own website to arranging auctions and classified listings, hasn’t always been conducive to effectively selling sneakers. developed the model in 1999, effectively arranging today’s best practices for showcasing and selling sneakers to prospective customers around the world. Flight Club mastered those fundamentals. 
Consigning with Flight Club truly is sneaker selling simplified. The most active step a consignor takes when arranging an 80/20 consignment relationship with Flight Club is providing the merchandise — and that can be arranged by mail on, or by dropping items off at the stores in New York and Los Angeles
Flight Club stands by your property. They shoot detailed, high-resolution pictures for e-commerce; market high-demand sneakers and obscure classics across its growing social media channels; and they handle in-store sales, storage, and shipping to destinations around the world. And after those sneakers move into the customers' hands, checks valued at 80% of the final sale prices are cut every Tuesday for consignors whose items sold throughout the previous week. That simple. Sellers don't need to bargain, worry about any kind of payment fraud, or personally carry high volumes of product to mail carriers. 
It’s what Flight Club does each and every day at industry-leading volumes. It’s an airtight system that’s been at the core of the business since 1999 that no other marketplace can match.
Since 2005, Flight Club has been the premiere destination for locating the rarest and most coveted sneakers ever produced. From limited editions to unworn vintage sneakers, Flight Club has fresh pairs of your must-haves and your sneaker grails. 
Today, they welcome thousands of daily customers and ship hundreds of sneakers around the world from its two locations. And they’re always brand new and guaranteed authentic. With Flight Club, customers don’t need to camp outside the stores or stay connected to the Internet for raffles, lotteries or RSVP alerts. There are no preorders or reservations. As long as the item item is in stock, all customers are empowered with the same opportunity to acquire the sneakers they want. 
Flight Club is the only place where you can still try on those hard-to-find sneakers — whether they released a decade ago or they're an unreleased Friends & Family pair — and decide if they’re right for you. Whether it’s a rare collaboration that only released internationally, or a limited running sneaker that was exclusive to a small boutique, Flight Club connects you with the items you want.